visiting london hackspace 3.0

360 panorama of London Hackspace spot Bob @thinkl33t of HacMan

I was lucky enough to be offered a bit of FREE PARKING for my van prior to the EMW event at the new London Hackspace venue, at 447 Hackney Road in the London borough of Hoxston, just a little further east than their old haunt at the Cremer Street Business centre.

Of course a good look around the new 6,600 square foot venue was a must. The infrastructure team had done a cracking job of putting up and painting partition walls, painting and sealing the workshop floor and running power all over the place. One of the most noticeable things about the new Hackspace is the zoning, with areas dedicated to welding, quiet work, electronics, woodworking and so on. The two floor unit has a shop type street frontage (not currently being used), a large yard at the rear that you could park ten or twenty cars in at a push, a loading bay with roller shutter door and a goods lift. Thankfully the LHS team are keeping parking at the space to a minimum and possible usage outside will include a small garden, BBQing area as well as the obligatory bike shed!


During my visit Tom Wyatt (@fridgehead) and Charles Yarnold (@CharlesYarnold) were working on LHS Bikeshed, a bike shed only in name. Tom, Charles and Hipster (aka Chris Paton) have been working hard on the starship simulator. It has more Starbug than Star Trek about it but it’s a super bit of work. Inspired partly by Artimis Starship Bridge Simulator and SpaceTeam the lads have been working hard (when not spearheading the infrastructure team at Hackspace) on what was described by Cory Doctorow as “Darth Vader’s Caravan”. They picked the old caravan up cheap from an events company that like to destroy them in what I can only imagine is a testosterone fuel “Top Gear” homage. The LHS Bikeshed did good service at the EMW event and will make an appearance at the London Hackspace Open Day on Sunday 12th May also.


During my visit founder Russ Garrett (@russss) fired up the BBQ, since my visit to TOG in Dublin in June 2012 I’ve been very keen to have outside space for the Nottingham Hackspace. Having a BBQ when the weather is nice is one of the best social events a Hackspace can have (in my humble opinion).

It was clear that the team are still settling in at LHS 3.0 with boxes of stuff everywhere and a shortage of worktables and usable chairs. I’m certain that this new Hackspace will be as cosy as the old one and twice as functional.


The LHS has an excellent Flickr pool and Wiki pages and you can go and visit them on their Tuesday night Open Evening any week of the year. Some of the members their are getting very good indeed at organising event. More about that in my next post – Electro Magnetic Wave.