gathering fruit

For a couple of years now I’ve been very interested in foraging. This year I’m really really into it as I’ve recently changed to a diet that encourages the consumption of fruit. Not only that I’ve been enjoying messing about with home brewing since moving house in mid July.

about a Kg of cherries about to be made into wine
Using PVC pipe cherry picker in Sneinton.

You may have noticed an abundance of cherries in July. The park opposite my house has a few trees in it with both bright red and very dark red cherries. Using a cherry picking tool I fashioned out of a 6ft PVC pipe (using the nearby and always useful Nottingham Hackspace’s tools) I was able to pick the 2Kg recommended in the country wines recipe I followed. The cherry wine I’m still maturing in a demijohn has an amazing colour though it’ll be several months or more till I try the wine. I’ll post up some pictures when I do.

Thinkenstein’s Fruit Picker – Click for Instructable

To make the cherry picker I loosely followed this design on The design is great for reaching fruit and because the pipe is hollow the fruit drops down into the bag secured at the bottom of the pipe. Mind you it’s always useful to have a small set of sets a much of the fruit will be out of reach even for the 13ft or so height.

I plan to make an adaptation of the same design for apple picking later in the year which I’ll probably blog about too.

Gillian and I have been on several foraging walks in August and have been able to pick well over 3Kg of blackberries which we’ve been enjoying fresh off the bramble and in yoghurt.

2Kg of blackberries about to become a country wine must

I’ll be organising the Abundance picks for Sneinton in the next few weeks so more foraged fruit fun to come I’d think.