allotment update

An allotment update seems due. Allotments are great. I can honestly say I love every minute I spend on mine. I’ve noticed when I chit-chat with people about the allotment they assume me and Gillian are growing things up there. We aren’t really. We’re not 100% sure we ever will. Any sort of veg we put up there almost certainly won’t get enough attention from us (in-spite of our 3 visits already this year) we might not be able to keep up a weeding, watering and pest regime. We’re quite happy to stick with a few experimental ideas and plants and try to get better yields from our apple and damson trees. We’ll likely try to add a few more soft fruits like raspberry and maybe a few low maintenance herbs too. We’ve an idea to add in a few hedging bushes of blackthorn for the sloes to make sloe gin and to fill a gap in the back left of the plot.


The major project this year has been the shed. Late last year I was lucky to secure a 8ft by 10ft shed from freecycle. I will be eternally grateful to Matt Little for coming to help me shift the thing. He could easily have said no but spent more than 2 hours dragging the huge panels up the hillside to the plot. I haven’t been too idol myself. A shed needs something to stand upon other than the soil. I managed to get 75 kiln liner blocks (probably worth much more than the waste of putting them under a shed) from a chap who found them in his garage, yet another freecycle find. Getting these things up to the allotment was probably a very good workout. Moving them in 8’s in a wheelbarrow (another freecycle find) with a slightly flat tire was quite hard work.


Annoyingly the flattest most suitable spot for the shed is right next to a tree (useless tree) and of course the bit I needed to dig out was full of roots. Work continues. Gillian has been in-charge of the incinerator (yet more freecycle findings) and has cleared the huge pile of bramble and branches too big for the compost heap. Our next plan is to finish the groundwork and brick base for the shed, erect the shed and then we plan to make a path from the shed to the gate.

After that we’ll prune all the apple tree and also put weed suppressing liner on the area where the young damson canes had started to spread.  There is always something to do. We’ll need to tackle that hedge to enjoy the view properly too.