smaller packs of awesome from sugru labs

I’ve been very lucky to have met lots of very interesting people through my involvement with the Nottingham Hackspace and the UK Hackspace Foundation. Some of those people are James and Jane from sugru who I first met at the Maker Faire in 2010 when their product was still orange or green. Right from the start of Nottingham Hackspace we’ve had contact and later friendship with this small company who has the hacker/maker ethos at it’s heart not to mention the self-curing silicon rubber under it’s finger nails.


I was invited to visit the factory and offces in Hackney, London in 2012 and was really pleased to see what a cozy but caring small band sugru really are. It would be easy to imagine that sugru is churned out in some far-east factory and sold by soulless people. However all the manufacturing, packing, posting, customer care and inventing happens in an old works on a back street in Hackney.

A friend of mine Jame Fowkes recently wrote “An Open Letter to Sugru” bemoaning the fact that he is loath to open a pack unless he can be sure that he’ll use all 5g of it in one sitting. People do see cautious of buying it even saying it’s expensive (I don’t think it is myself) because at about £1.40 for 5g’s they don’t want to waste any. Not wasting is good practice of course. To that end late last year a package appeared on my door mat. Sent from “Sugru Labs” care of Mini Maker Faire stalwart Jude Pullen. Inside two strips of mini packs for me to try out a strip of 1g and a strip of 3g.


I’ve plenty of normal sized sugru and often carry a pack around, but given this opportunity I’ve taken to carrying the strip of mini packs instead. I have to say, James F had a point. It’s very cool to hit-and-run with just the right amount of sugru and not hunt around for another task to splodge it on.

So far I’ve used the experimental mini packs to

  • stop a brake cable on my cycle stabbing me in the leg
  • fix a Mi-Fare RFID reader to the inside of a vending machine
  • strengthen some hooks for holding an emergency response dongle
  • stop my door latch dropping when I slam my front door
  • hold a magnet in place


The thing to note is I did all these fixes over the period of 2 months rather than saving them all up for one pack of 5g sugru! I would declare the mini-strip packs a total brilliant addition to the range and can’t wait to see if they end up available to the public. Good work sugru!