the vileda cleaning robot

I was knocking about in B&Q whilst waiting for my partner to finished work when I stumbled on a display area for the Vileda Cleaning Robot which to me looks a lot like an iRobot Roomba in that it’s round and has a big bumper around half of it’s radius. I went over to the display and switched that machine on and watched it bang about in it’s little display arena.  Once I saw how it found an edge then moved along the edge cleaning it. The decision to buy was entirely impulse, neither me or my partner want to vacuum clean very much and mostly have tiled or very short pile carpet floors. The cleaning robot is made for hard floors primarily. Also had the machine been any more expensive I’d not have considered it really. I’ve fancied a Roomba for a while but always felt I couldn’t justify the £300+ prices.



The cleaning robot is quite noisy, but no nosier than a vacuum cleaner (which of course is what it is). Whilst the vacuum cleaner part of the cleaning robot isn’t large or terribly powerful, the noise of the motors moving the wheels adds to the din. Unlike Roomba, the Vileda cleaning robot doesn’t have a base station and the controls are very simple. ON/OFF button and an S, M and L button. Press S for small rooms, M for medium rooms and L for Larger rooms. The cleaning robot then runs for a fixed amount of time so you can’t be sure it’s done the whole room if you leave it alone.



It has a dust and bit holder about the size of two SNES cartridges stacked one on the other. This is always full of stuff after each run and I see this as a good sign of it’s hoovering prowess, well that and that you can see the floor has been hoovered. In truth I (have chosen to) spend as long pulling my partners hair out of it and taking it to bits as I would have done vacuuming the house, but lets face it… I much prefer maintaining a robot to vacuuming the house.



Above and in the post I’ve included pictures of the “getting into the edges” brush, the “cliff sensors” to detect drops, a sensor on the top at the front for something and other stuff you can work out yourself. I’d love one of these to also do mopping. Here is a little video of mine at work.

A quick search online didn’t show me where to get spares, though I suppose I could email Vileda UK. Here is the item on