a visit to leicester hackspace

Quite a lot of the Nottingham Hackspace members are actually from other cities and occasionally a critical mass of people from elsewhere get organised and make a new Hackspace or group somewhere else. One of the most recent of these is Leicester Hackspace, who have formed and gotten a space in the last couple of months.


The fledgling group are renting space in the “Makers Yard” in the Cultural Quarter of Leicester city centre near to the Curve Theater on Rutland Street. Makers yard is very well setup with good security and clean post-industrial look to it. Most of the units are being rented by artists and designers and that sort of Maker. The Leicester Hackspace are really only just getting started and don’t yet have very much to offer in terms of tools. This could be a problem generally as they sort of want “ALL” the tools, some members have been vocal about wanting heavy engineering tools like mills and lathes and things like that. In truth they don’t really have the space or setup for that OR they would have to have that and not other things.


I hope they find the right balance and I would say their space is well suited to smaller rapid prototyping stuff like electronics, 3D printing, small format CNC, laser cutting and programming. The space is well lit and well insulated with a proper central heating system. As it’s a very comfortable space, a co-working type feel with good resources for small scale design would work very well. Their emailing list (Google Group) is near chaos with lots of enthusiastic people pulling in different directions. It will be interesting to see how thing pan out. I think with out some sensible vision and planning it could end up being a “storage unit” for people hoarded stuff with a few low end tools in it. Lets hope that doesn’t happen.


If you live locally and want to check them out, their open night is on a Tuesday and they welcome all comers. They are also having an official opening day on 1st March 2014 so if you want to find out more pop along.