feeling guilty about light-night

This should be a post about the amazing, Make Magazine and Hack-a-day worthy project I concocted for Nottingham City’s “Light Night” on the last night of February (and the last of winter) 2014. It’s not, it’s a promise to do SOMETHING next year… the true horror of it is I said the exact same thing last year. In 2013 I put a bit board of light sensitive paint on my back and had kids “draw” on it with a laser pointer. This was really boring as I had to stand facing away from people for long periods of time… weirdly everyone else thought it was great.


Light night is superb. It’s one night you can head into the city and the drunken stage and hen do’s are out numbered by families enjoying the spectacle. This year for a quite reasonable £4 (with advance ticket) the main trust of the city council’s effort was contained in the castle ground (previous years it’s been in the market square) but there was plenty of fringe activity with local businesses getting in on the festival spirit.


The streets were thronging with carnival like activity. Sneinton Market had the wonderful dancing fountains running full tilt, a food market, live music, costumed folk and a roller skating rink. All the way up Hockley there were little activities going on, a projectionist-artist, a drumming circle and loads of other little things.


Our party included Michelle who had decorated herself and bike with Electro Luminescent wire (EL Wire) which draw many appreciative comments including one kid who said it was “Awesome!” After a good look about we ducked into the mulled cider bar for a warming beverage. Next year I’ll do something awesome… probably.