45 minutes at nottingham gaussfest

I wanted to show my face at Gaussfest15 based near to Nottingham it’s a gathering of Tesla coil enthusiasts. The event is organised  by friend of Nottingham Hackspace Derek of “Extreme Electronics” ( rather eccentrically he won’t put the address of the event on the website though I’ve not doubt the debate about why not wouldn’t be worth the candle). This year was the 15th outing of the small festival held in a Scout Hall near Nottingham. The reason for this choice of venue is that the hut has been properly wired and earthed in a way that makes it ideal and safe to mess around with high voltages and machines that make the closest thing to man-man lighting.


I must admit to being more than a little ignorant of Tesla coils and all things spark generating. I know how they are made but have never had the urge to make one or sat down to look at how they work really. This only being a flying visit too I didn’t spend any time asking anyone about any of them either.


The atmosphere was welcoming, though I think some would find it either intimidating or a bit to much of a boy-robot-club, the air had a somewhat manly smell over that of the ozone. Having said that I think almost anyone I’ve met with more than a basic interest in electronics would have enjoyed it, and that is almost anyone I’ve met in a Hackspace or a Maker Faire (our side of the table).


I hope the short bit of video and the pictures attached will tempt you to go visit it next time. It was £5 in which (even though I was there only 45 minutes) was well worth it. By the way, big Tesla coils are LOUD… take ear defenders if you intend to stay more than 15 minutes!