now we are four! – nottinghack’s forth birthday

What’s the difference between Nottingham Hackspace and Nottinghack? Well the way I’ve always thought of it is that Nottingham Hackspace is the place (depending on how you recon it we’ve had 2 and half hackspaces so far) and Nottinghack is the people! Nottinghack Hackspace could cease to exist but the group of people (dare I say friends?) would continue somewhere, right?

The dates are vague but about four years ago the group that became Nottingham Hackspace was started and you might of wondered how it got started? I created a group called Nottinghack for Hackers and Makers in Nottingham. The first meet-up was at the Olde Salutation pub on Wednesday 10th of March 2010 (I managed to pull the date from twitter records for @nottinghack also I rememebr it because the weekend after was the 2nd UK Maker Faire and I went to it with JP who I’d only just met).


The four who went to that first open meet-up are in the picture above which was taken on 28th May 2011 in the kitchen at Nottingham Hackspace 2.0, during the open day (just a few days after we’d moved into the Hackspace’s current venue at Roden House). If you look carefully we’re yet to fill it up with stuff… From right to left in the picture are me (Dominic Morrow), Matt Little, David Hayward and JP Hastings. Matt Lloyd who was involved very early in Nottinghack didn’t make that very first meeting so isn’t in this picture (sorry Matt). JP is ridding a bike to power the blender that looks like it’s attached to David’s crotch. It’s a pedal powered smoothy maker made by Matt Little.

The 2nd May 2014 will mark 3 years at Roden House and (hopefully IMO) the start of our last year at Hackspace 2.0 before pushing onto the bright sunlit uplands of Hackspace 3.0. But that’s a different story that’s yet to be written. When we had that pint in that noisy pub 4 years ago I honestly never really imagined that we’d be buying an A0 size laser cutter to put in our 4000sq ft workshop. My life has changed completely since then and a lot of that is because of the Hackspace. To be honest, I still love it.

By the way if you’d like a bit of a laugh at my expense look at some of the rubbish I wrote in 2010 about Nottinghack (my writing style probably hasn’t improved much and I’ve left all the errors in sorry some of the pictures have fallen off). The fatured image (if you can see it which if you are reading on Nottinghack Planet you can’t) is a picture taken of a hard hat I decorated as a meeting marker. The picture was taken in the pub actually on the 1st meetup night by David Hayward.


Happy Birthday Nottinghack!