laser cutting for le tour

At the Maker Day in Sheffield last weekend I bumped into Pedal Power enthusiast Brian Trevaskiss who runs the Pedal Power Printing Press he took especial interest in the Just Add Sharks Blacknose A3 laser I was exhibiting. He wondered if laser cutters could be used to etch out woodcut blocks for printing? The answer is yes, laser cutters are highly suited to the task.

photo 1


We had a bit of a chat about it and he wondered if I’d be able to do a sample for him in time for the Le Tour stage 2? Le tour de France is coming to Yorkshire and stage 2 finished in Sheffield. Brian will be running his pedal power printing press as part of the general entertainment on offer around what I assume will be some sort of carnival at the finish line?!


One important thing to note about creating ink stamps and printing blocks is that you need to reverse the image if you want the printed image to come out the right way! I forgot to do that (and Brian didn’t really remind me) so I ended up doing this job twice!


Anyway I look forward to the result and hope that Brian will ask for some more woodcuts in the future. He showed me a few woodcut prints and they have a lovely woody feel to the inked type.

photo 4