novelty automation london by hunkin

I had the very great privilege of being invited to an opening party at Novely Automation, in Holborn, London. The small former gallery was filled to bursting with friends and well wishers so it was quite difficult to take pictures as you’d only see throngs of people and not the machines… well that is until later when it thinned out but I’d had a couple too many of Hunkin’s beer by then and forgot, so you’ll have to go along yourself to get the real feel of the place. Tokens are sold from a counter. I’d recommend taking at least £10 along to buy tokens to get the best deal as tokens cost less the more you buy.


Jonty Plays “My Nuke” a favourite machine borrowed from Southwold Pier

The arcade features some replicas of popular machines from the very popular Hunkin arcade “The Under The Pier Show” at Southwold Pier in Suffolk. Replicas created for the new arcade including the “Expressive Photo Booth” which is a Passport Photo Booth with mechanical additions to create more expressive photos of the subject and “Test Your Nerve” a horrifying experience likely to induce post-traumatic-stress in postmen. You can find a full list of the machines here.


Hunkin tweaks Iain Sharps “Cycle Pong”

I went along with some friends from the London Hackspace, one, an accountant, especially wanted to play an excellent new machine “Money Laundering” where players attempt to shovel millions of pounds in bonuses through the top of their building whilst avoiding the watchful eyes of the regulators the FCA.


Russ on “Money Laundering”

I have no doubt that Hunkin’s new arcade will become one of those delightful discoverable “secret” bits of London. It’s walking distance from Kings Cross/St Pancras and can easily add to a day trip. The arcade is open Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 6pm and till 7pm on Thursday but not on Sundays.

You can find an excellent write-up of the moving in process in Spitalfields Life by @thegentleauthor or for opening times and info on the arcade or follow @novautomation on twitter.