makeshop at the science gallery trinity college, dublin

Whilst over in Dublin for the Dublin Maker event held at Trinty College I was able to make a visit to the Science Gallery. It includes a good shop with interesting books, making materials and interesting objects from architecture to craft. Whilst the items are often (probably appropriately) expensive they are always inspirational and, based on my last 2 visits they’ve had different and varied things on sale and well worth a look.

 An area of the Science Gallery cafe on the day I visited was set aside for “making” tuition with soldering irons and interesting pots of tools and materials strewn across a work bench, two young tutors helped children to solder LED torch kits from Kitronik. I discovered later that the Science Gallery had extended this offering to a shop beyond the campus’ Lincoln Gate on Clare Street. Called Makeshop The shop offered more workspace and tools as well as a selection of project kits for sale.

This seems like a great idea and just the sort of things I’d like to see around the museum district in London perhaps? I hope I’ll see more places like springing up regardless of if it makes money or not, it very likely makes makers if it doesn’t make profit.