rustic apple boxes – making laser cut things

For too long I’ve thought and talked about doing some posts of things I’ve made. After all my blog IS supposed to be a makers blog. What right at all do I have to talk about Maker Faires and Maker Spaces if I don’t make stuff? My business partner at Just Add Sharks, Martin Raynsford has long had his blog MSRaynsford where a few years ago he challenged himself on his blog to make 365 laser cut things in 365 days. More amazingly he ACTUALLY did it. Now, a few years on he regularly posts projects and challenges himself still to make things.IMG_8063

My first offering of an undisclosed and as yet undecided number of made things is this simple apple box. I wanted to recreate something like the apple boxes I’ve been seeing dotted about the place in antiques shops and as interior design and maybe I was also a little inspired by the Fruit & Veg Wholesale Market where we have our warehouse for Just Add Sharks. Sadly real apple boxes have been totally obsoleted by cardboard boxes which no doubt can be pulped rather than having to be returned to the orchard. IMG_8068
The boxes are made from 6mm Poplar Plywood from and cut on my Greyfin A2 Laser Cutter. The corners reinforcements are 10.5mm by 10.5mm pine rod and I’ve used my electric stapler on three of them and simple panel pins on the other one. I’ll probably try a smaller 3mm one using wood glue and perhaps try out some ageing techniques to see if I can add a little more patina. I’m quite pleased with the look of them generally.IMG_8076