5th annual brighton mini maker faire

A somewhat late blog post here, so my apologies but I’ve some stuff to get up on the blog and this post got misplaced! More to come soon.

The 1st weekend in September marked the 5th Brighton Mini Maker Faire to be held at the Brighton Dome. The team at Brighton Mini Maker Faire are highly experienced now and run a very good faire. As usual set up for Makers starts on Friday evening, a good opportunity to have a look at the tables of fellow exhibitors and make friends. Later beer and pizzas was laid on to aid socialising further.


For Just Add Sharks (who I’m proud to say were “professional maker sponsor”) MSRaynsford made a new attraction in the form of a catapult shooting range complete with knights and castles! You can read about it on his blog here. The range proved very popular and a big draw for kids who tried their hardest to destroy it with lasercut mdf missiles.


There was some talk of the event not running in 2016 (don’t take my work for it if you are reading this as a “what’s on guide) which I think would be very sad, though it must be said without proper funding and the support of so call “maker” companies in the UK it’s understandable that the event might not happen. Organisers work very hard and for little reward let alone the cost in time, events must be sustainable and can be very very expensive to put on so sometimes these things just don’t always happen and it should always be remembered that most exhibiting makers do so for the love of it and at their own expense.


You can see a gallery of my pictures from the event here.