staten island makerspace steam wagon

Staten Island Makerspace has its very own outreach workshop in the form of the excellent STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) Wagon. Equiped with some refreshingly analogue tools, as well as some decidedly digital ones the STEAM wagon has been equiped through around $25,000 in sponsorship as well as with donations including a LOLZBOT 3D printer in addition the wagon includes a bandsaw, pillar drill, vinyl cutter and typewriter. 


The truck they are using cost $3500 and is one of those cool wide postal service/food truck shaped vans you don’t see anywhere in the UK, the advantage being the height, width and that cool door between the drivers cab and the back. The truck is kitted out with workbenches to both sides with OSB cupboards for storage. 


Scott Van Campen (the perfect name for a van driver) is the executive director at Staten Island MakerSpace, he told me that an indegogo campaign has just been launched “Our hope is to be able to bring the STEAM Wagon to as many schools as possible to demonstrate and provide, creative, educational, and hands-on learning experiences.” They plan to create “makerthon” training experiences for school kids.