zones 1 world maker faire, new york

The World Maker Faire is quite big with about 800 booths, tables and things to see. I can easily spend 30 or 40 minutes talking with makers at each booth. I tend to wizz around as the faire is opening before the crowds build up. I’d love to do a review of every maker or even 5% of them, but sadly I just don’t have the time to see it all in detail and make the notes needed. 

Zone 1 is the area I neglected the most really  as I prefered to be outside. Zone 1 is inside at NYSci (New York Hall of Science) and includes projects using light, textiles projects and some large scale 3D printing. I was wondering around looking for my TOG Dublin Makerspace freind Robert Fitzsimons and bumped into Ross from the Crafty Robot who I know through Kitronik in Nottingham, UK showing off his fizbot and launching on Kickstarter. 

Ross has made Massimo Banzia and Eben Upton sumo-fighter fizbits. Both are at the faire but we were unable to get them to recreate the bout. I took pity on Ross and covered his table for an hour so he could try and see a little of the show. In addition to Maker Faire exhibits the indoor area has a lot of projects and exhibits for the museum that I assume are here year round for visitors.