zone 2 world maker faire, new york 

The start of Zone 2 right next to the main gate is an area I think of as the Craft Market, this area was managed/curated by BUST magazine and titled The Craftacular. The market offers a different feel and pace and  is very popular and with all kinds of hand made items mostly made locally by practicioners and artists. The things for sale range from laser cut and metal work jewellery, illustrations, embroidery and all kinds of artisinal craft items. It has become a tradition on the last day of the faire for the crew to buy a few pretty items and show them off at the crew after party. The grassy leafy area of the Craftacular, lacking in elctronic beeping and generally annoying noises is a tranquil heaven with a really different feel and pace to it.      

I spent a fair amount of time looking around the Craftacular with my friends from Solarbotics as well as an interesting 30 minutes with Sabrina, the Mini Maker Faire supremo who has been my main contact at Maker Media for sometime. One of the stall holders I met was Paulette who is the head crocheter/embroiderer at the Dahlia Soleil Collection who has recently graduated from a business degree and is about to start her MBA. She’s passionate about making and business. She makes amazing computer aided embroidery patches of animals. We talked about the Faire, she lives locally in Quees and hopes to teach business to makers in the future. She’d not been to the Maker Faire before and hadn’t realised it would have so much non-craft stuff at it and said next year she’ll apply as a maker and bring her tools and demonstrate her work!   

Beyond the craft village is an area devoted to hands on crafting as well as old-school Radio Hams and the local 2600 group merging into other community groups like hacker and maker spaces. It in this area where I saw the Staten Island Makerspace S.T.E.A.M Wagon (see previous posts) and people from shared workspaces of various flavours from all over New York State. This zone also included the 3D printing village which I must admit I didn’t look around at all.