zones 3 & 4, world maker faire, new york

Well these World Maker Faire blog posts are really out of date and out of the moment now so to move them along quickly I’m going to try a new format. Pictures with comments…

Zone 3 had a large number of makers of all kinds, it hosted lock picking and fabrication in the Makers Pavilion, most of the hands-on activity and food vendors are in the area as well. It contains the “start-up zone” and leads onto Zone 4, primarily devoted to young makers.

The Google “learn to solder” pavilion. Google provided thousands of free sets of safety glasses for kids at both World Maker Faire and Bay Area Maker Faire in 2015.
The Maker Shed from the outside in Zone 3. Around the shed there was a variety of hands-on activity.
Learn to Solder Zone prior to opening. Note the recycling point, “trash sort” is very well managed at Maker Faire.
Robotics area in Zone 4.
The Maker Shed, the sales arm of Maker Faire. This football field sized structure hosts the best of the on-line Maker Shed and is staffed with a communal cash register run by Make staff. Product manufacturers help by demonstrating their wares but do not sell directly to the pubic.
Make Faire is famous for it’s paella, this guy on the left (can’t remember his name) was very proud of this set up. It’s the same vendor at both Bay Area and New York flagship Faire’s. He was telling me he might be in Rome too. Paella is the main dish at the Makers meetup the night before the Faire.
This long “Avenue of Science” leads from Zone 3 past Zone 4 and onto Zones 4 and 5 and into the park.
Zone 4 has a sizeable area set aside for food courts and food venues as well as live music.
Zone 4 contained FIZZ a very popular hands on exhibit probably provided by Pepsi, where visitors could mix and experiment with making different drinks.