zones 5 & 6, world maker faire, new york

Zone 5 was new at last years (2014) World Maker Faire and Zone 6 is new this year. This zone is very leafy and extremely pleasant part of Flushing Meadow. The pace really drops off in these zones and some consideration could/should be given to mixing in some of the more lively and popular regular exhibitors. I was told that last year some makers assigned to zone 5 complained that they didn’t get the foot traffic of some of the zones right near the main gate.

Sustainability is a big part of Zone 5.
Zone 6 is accessed by leaving the Faire walking along a path and popping into the car park of the Terrace on the Park.
The Make Live stage. The largest speaking venue outside of NySci. One of several live presentation set ups at the Faire.
Exit from Zone 5 towards the Unisphere, where Eeppy Bird was performing their Coke Zero and Mentos show.

Visually this area does have a very different feel to it. Zone 5 contained sub zones on sustainability, especially transport and a stage area for speakers. The maker exhibits were much more thinly spread in the area and could certainly accommodate a lot more in future years.

Zone 6 beneath the Terrace on the Park contained spectacle in the form of the life-sized-mouse-trap and power tool racing.

Zone 6 was devoted to spectacle including the Life-Sized-Mouse-Trap, Power-Racing-Series and Power-tool-drag-racing.

You can get an idea of how the faire is laid out from the image below showing the site map for World Maker Faire 2015 and the same information from Google Maps.

Map of the 6th annual World Maker Faire. 111th Street runs along the bottom edge the north is to the left side.

This concludes my blog posts on World Maker Faire 2015.