6th annual derby mini maker faire

So the 6th Derby Mini Maker Faire marks something of the end of an era. With the Silk Mill about to go into 2 years of renovation, this will be the last Faire at the Mill until 2020 when a bigger Faire with a different format is on the cards.


In the meantime, Derby Museums┬áteam intend to take Derby Mini Maker Faire on the road. It’s not 100% certain what that will look like yet, but early indications show that it will involve a Museum of Making bus and local industry partners.

I would like to thank all the staff at Derby Museums and all the volunteers, crew and makers who’ve made Derby Mini Maker Faire what it is over the years. I’d especially like to take time to thank Hannah, Andrea, Emma, Kim, Jonathan and Chris for all their work on this event.

Picture credits go to Richard Sewel (@jakman) and the wonderful Emma Hallam.