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My #Makevember for November 17th is some audio. Breaking my own rules I recorded this on a Saturday and had help processing it from my friend Robert and then spent a little time recording some more bits and editing it together.


I’ve given this audio project the working title of:

FAIL! the conquering hero 

This pilot episode is called “Two Hairy Hackers”

Warning – Dominic is sweary! 

The audio is a bit of a noisy mess so if you don’t like noisy messy noise in your ear, you should probably move on from this. So Paul has been encouraging me to record something for a while and one weekend he popped down to Nottingham with the express purpose of making me do it. Thanks, I guess!

Show notes:

  1. Paul Beech is the co-founder of Pimoroni and is @guru on twitter
  2. Paul mentions FabLab Manchester
  3. Paul mentions AccessSpace in Sheffield no longer running
  4. At one point Paul says “roadblock” but it sounds like “robot”
  5. Not sure why but the cafe staff turned the music up and then down
  6. Paul mentions “Bilge Tank” a live-streamed show from Pimoroni
  7. Dominic (that’s me) mentioned #Makevember
  8. Dominic mentions Casey Neistat
  9. Dominic mentions Mark Mellors

Thanks to Robert for doing his best to tidy my terrible audio and thanks to Bizet for being so old that he’s not litigious about using his music. The episode was recorded in Blend a cafe in Nottingham…. do the hustle.

Additional: the feedback I’ll get if I get any at all is as follows.

  1. Making a pop shield is easy “why don’t you just…” stretch some tights over an embroidery hoop or
  2. Don’t record in a coffee shop.
  3. Why don’t you clean the audio using X or Y or some filter or some such?
  4. Why do you talk so much and not let Paul the actually interesting person who, I assume you are supposed to be interviewing, actually speak?
  5. This isn’t Hackallthespaces and where is Kate?
  6. You say “erm it’s like erm” a lot, like.
  7. Your intro is all muffled and echoey at the same time don’t you know how audio works?
  8. Why can’t I listen to this on (insert name of podcast platform) you idiot?
  9. Why didn’t you speak to (name of some other maker)?

Thanks and for next time, I’ll try.


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